18 thoughts on “Windows 8 Touch Screen Laptop: First Look

  1. James_rice_2000

    the future of windows has come! :DDD I want the HP version that he has. I went to sams club today and saw a couple awesome ones for a good price

  2. Creative

    As far as I know there isn't a general toggle to turn the touch on and off on these devices. What laptop do you have?

  3. Erin Uchiha

    somebody please help me, i got this laptop, but i dont know how to acticate the touch screen…i used it once but it was accidentally..but cant find the settings to activate the touch option

  4. Amruth Jalagam

    That's what I thought until I used it its amazing what they did with it. it is basically windows 7 plus the new ui, making your computer have a work section along with news applications an other games. don't be so close minded

  5. Creative

    I've tried to fix this but I haven't been able to do anything about the folders that Windows looks for but doesn't find anymore.

  6. olubusayo enigma

    Thanks for your help. I have one more question. My computer which was a 2009 Hp PC got virus and it was upgraded just last week and now It's not allowing me to download music to "My Computer". How do I fix that.

  7. Creative

    As much as I know about the hp pavilion g4, it's not a touch screen. They either told you that it was touch to make you buy it or you misunderstood them. Either way, it's not supposed to be touch. Anyone know if there was a new version with touch introduced?

  8. olubusayo enigma

    How do you make it work though. I have a hp pavilion g4 windows 8 and best buy told me its touch screen but I don't know how to make the touch screen work. I press the little circle button but it won't work.

  9. Creative

    I head that that's going to be a really good one. I liked the screen on the Envy 14, not because of the resolution but because of the quick and smooth touch reaction.

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