Using android tablet as second monitor [TUTORIAL]

This video will show you how to install and twomon and use it to make your android tablet a second monitor for your pc or mac

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10 thoughts on “Using android tablet as second monitor [TUTORIAL]

  1. Carolina 1984

    Can you simply replicate the desktop in the tablet? is it possible to do it via bluetooth? (So you can fully use the computer from your tablet)

  2. Pete Roberts

    can any one help me.i have done what the vid says but all that hapens is my tab just mirrows whats on my pc ?

  3. boi

    god damn, I was about to do this but then it says im not authorized to use google payments… LOL. I looked up how to be authorized and its a long ass process… why would they make it so difficult for some one to fucking buy something. I guess im not buying it anymore lol

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