TouchIt Interactive LED LCD Smartboard / Whiteboard

Screen sizes range from 32 to 84 inches and there is a new 90 inch coming out soon. They also have multi-touch models called DUO….

Utilizing the latest in display technology, the TouchIT LED Duo is a range of 4 point touch interactive displays. Connect your computer and with no drivers or calibration required, you have full mouse control of your computer at your fingertips.

Control your computer directly from the LED,
Use your finger or a stylus
Engage with your students.
Ideal for both whole class and cluster learning environments
Control your educational content from the LED
Play HD video

TouchIT “WIS” (Wireless Interactive Screen, pronounced “WIZ”) is a wireless presentation system. TouchIT “WIS” allows a group of students in a class or business professionals in a meeting room to take turns in presenting from their Windows or MAC computer or even a mobile device such as an iPad, which are connected wirelessly to the TouchIT LED Duo transmitting in full HD!

Wireless Multi-Touch LED Display (46″ to 80″).
Total Wireless Connection — no HDMI, VGA or USB cables required.
Control the LED from your Tablet Device or Smartphone.
Present wirelessly from any MAC or PC.
Display up to 4 PCs/MACs simultaneously.
Broadcast presentation slides to all connected devices.
Integrated Wireless Access Point to your network.

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