The Acer T2 Monitor : See, touch, believe

Do more than just view the image. Touch it. Let it surround you. Believe it. Step inside with Acer’s advanced Touch Series monitors. Lustrous Acer touchscreen monitors provide an experience you can feel, with greater control. Explore multiple dimensions..

4 thoughts on “The Acer T2 Monitor : See, touch, believe

  1. Алексей Каяндер

    купил вчера т272. очень рад)) по сути уникальное устройство

  2. Pete Ellis

    Agreed on the terrible photoshopping. Very misleading imagery at 0:25 placing it on the wall. Looks more like a 42" LCD than a 27" given the scale of the home theater receiver.

    At any rate, Acer isn't clear on their specs. The T272HL is an an IPS touch monitor. Nvidia has only approved 120Hz TN panels for 3D Vision. Therefore, I'd say that Acer has another model of T-Series monitors that shares the same ID but uses a 120Hz TN panel which they haven't launch yet and may never come to market.

  3. Akas Pash

    Can anyone answer if this monitor supports 3D as the monitor specs says it doesn't have 120z. Please say you are not using Touch 3D name to mislead consumers. :@

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