Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 LCD Touch Screen Repair – Allan C

This video shows how we repair cracked or broken LCD Touch Screen mobile phones, This Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 was dropped off into us for a LCD Touch Screen repair service, the phone’s screen did not work at all at all but after our repair service its now fully working. offers all types of mobile phone repairs including Unlocking and Flashing. We also provide Mobile Phone Unlocking & Repair Courses.

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10 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 LCD Touch Screen Repair – Allan C

  1. Suzanne Stout

    Had the same problem with my S5.  Never dropped or damaged.  In mint condition yet the screen remained black.  Followed your video step by step and it worked.  Thanks so much! 

  2. Kamisha henry

    Okay I drop my phone and the screen turned purple and black what do I need to fix it? Do I just replace the screen? Please help me

  3. Mayra Olan

    I have The same problem. With The same exact Phone i want to buy The part but idk what it is called. Do you guys sell The same part? Where would i have to get it.

  4. izaakdlujan

    i have a samsung gs3 i dropped it a couple of times before no biggie just a few cracks now i droped it again and the screen went black the phone still turns on and stuff and makes noise it just has a black screen

  5. Shaqil Rudolph

    Hi, I have two s3 phones both have damaged LCDs, the one can still switch on and I can access its files when connected to a pc via usb cable, the other one doesnt switch on at all nor does it pick up on a pc..I have put the mother board of the one that doesnt switch on into the other  phone in order to save the files on the pc but that also never worked.. what could be the problem? is the mother board damaged ? its physical condition seems to be fine. Thanks 🙂

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