Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

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14 thoughts on “Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge

  1. Kayla Overstreet

    My mom wanted this fridge so badly when it first came out but when she seen it at hhgregg they said it was only for display. I have to buy her and I one now.

  2. gymnasticsgirl33 mendez

    I have this and I was wondering how do you turn down the volume. Like if I go to the internet then type in YouTube and I play a video how would I change the volume?

  3. Senoraa Rodriguez

    Wow the creature of the sixth day had something like that at the beginning of the movie pretty badass how directors and producers predicted future technology. I LOVE IT AND IM NOT OBESE! JAJA.

  4. Juan Ospina

    question: It looks like there's only one camera on the fridge mounted high on the left side door. How is that supposed to give you a view of all the contents of the fridge? for example, in its closed position it wouldn't give you a view of the egg tray on the right side door. From that angle you probably couldn't see the veggies on the bottom drawers. Am i missing something?

  5. Latasha Mcintosh

    i can see that its very useful to have but the pricing for it is wayyy over budget. i would probably buy it if i ever own a house but idk thats just me

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