RAVEN – Multi-Touch Control Surface for LOGIC PRO X

The RAVEN Multi-Touch Production Console for Apple LOGIC PRO X makes the entire workstation BECOME a world class control surface. Get access to multi-touch ultra responsive faders, instantly touch your actual plugins and tweak the like hardware, and speed up your workflow with the RAVEN’s digital assistant, Batch Commander.

And now, you can get a RAVEN for as little as 9 with the new MTi-2 edition.

Learn more the amazing features at www.slatemt.com


16 thoughts on “RAVEN – Multi-Touch Control Surface for LOGIC PRO X

  1. 77111david

    Incroyable ! Ca révolutionne totalement la manière de travailler en studio ! Dommage qu'il soit 400 € plus cher en France mais bon…
    Un vrai coup de coeur pour cette surface de contrôle, étant donné que je travaille déjà sur Logic Pro X je vais me laisser tenter !

  2. Fadedjean Recording Studio

    Is there a way I can use this for just the Faders, but continue to use Logic with the mouse (on my monitors). Have it sync to Logic like the Mackie Control does.

  3. The Kost

    This is the coolest thing ever. However, when you add control for film post, primarily surround panning and automation so I don't have to buy from those over-priced fags at JL Cooper, this will officially be the coolest FUCKING thing ever!

  4. Fam. Kurtoglu

    Brilliant. I hope Steven Slate will add a floating mac keyboard so that I can work completely on the raven without a hardware keyboard.

  5. Borrowed Faith

    This guy is serious. I feel like he is going to punch me in the face through my computer screen if I stop watching. The product looks amazing.

  6. Darryl Deezo Adams

    Steven Slate you are a genius. I'm truly a fan of you and all of your products. I thank you, and my studio thanks you. Truly amazing.

  7. daniel kinney

    all the dealers are out of this due to the earthquake. So THE GUITAR CENTER has it MAY 2016 36 months 0% @ $27 a month. not bad

  8. Exquisitely Damaged

    From the specs: State-of-the-art 46″ multi-touch display HD resolution of 1920×1080. Can't wait to feel the 2010s all over again.

  9. drag0n3y31

    I can't wait to use this and after an hour I'll go back to the mouse. This is not a sustainable way to edit, unless you want a killer arm workout. The other features thought make a lot of sense

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