Postbag: #24 – 555 Timers, MP3 Player, 150mAh Lipo, Proto PCBs

What’s in today’s post?

NE555 Duty Cycle and Frequency Adjustable Module Square Wave rectangular wave

NE555 Pulse Module LM358 Duty Cycle Frequency Adjustable Module Square Wave

NE555 DC 12V Delay relay shield Timer Switch Adjustable Module 0 to 10 Second

USB Mini Clip MP3 Player Screen Support LCD Up To 16GB Micro SD TF Card 5 Colors

Red Universal Car Windshield Stand Mount Holder For PDA iPod Cell Phone GPS New

10 Pcs 2cm x 8cm FR-4 Two Sided Prototype DIY Universal PCB Print Circuit Board

8PCS Double Side Prototype PCB Tinned breadBoard 5×7 4×6 3×7 2x8CM Each 2Pcs FR4×7-4×6-3×7-2x8CM-Each-2Pcs-FR4-/310910403198

18 thoughts on “Postbag: #24 – 555 Timers, MP3 Player, 150mAh Lipo, Proto PCBs

  1. Youra Wayke

    Why did I here, Why are 555 timers on modules what is going on why don't people buy 50x 555 timers and just make things with hookup wire why are modules for everything now what has happened.

  2. Kuntal Ghosh

    Can you make an inverter with an auridino and also that will regulte the out put voltage and frequency with different loads because simeple inverter has a big problem which is there out put voltage is not stable with different types of load …

  3. Jakob

    damn you british-men-voices of very relaxing and sympatic tone-voice, precurius how much i enjoy and relaxing to that tone of speak, and same with that british dude "techmoan"..

    not sure what it is, that are doing it, and if its just us here from Denmark in scandinavia that finds these tone-charitica from england very calming and relaxing.

    none the less, could hear that tone all day..(weird' and certainly don't do wonders for my personal man-ego)

    anyway thx for yet another postbag-vid, apreciated.
    the tacky mp3 player, did you summit the mah in that very thin battery, and what it would manage..

  4. Gary A. DePietro

    I really like this series. I get to see all the neat things out there to order. But its costing me a fortune and my mail man hates me.

  5. mickey thompson

    I'm sure plenty of people still use MP3 players… I see four in my street alone, including me. Mine is thumb-sized, has a battery that lasts for days, doesn't need recharging overnight, doesn't keep talking to a network, giving my position away and irradiating my body, has worked for six years, and has hugely more memory than an iPhone.
    And, no, it's not an iPod.
    I personally see using a phone for listening to music, at present technology and prices, as going backwards.
    But I guess I'm not 'cool', nor am I following the Apple "OBEY" commands.

  6. reggiebacci

    You raise an interesting question at the start of this one Julian – at which point do you abandon ICs and discretes and start using a micro-controller? I guess it comes down to a component price and design time. You can get 10x 555s or LM358s for a quid, 5x Attiny13s for £2 or a pro-mini for £1.50ish. I think if I used an ATtiny or pro-mini just to do a simple astable flash, I'd kinda feel like I was wasting precious micro-controllers.

  7. Kyôdai Ken

    Hi Julian,
    did you hear about the FTDI fiasko?
    I think this is a big deal for everyone who is interested in electronics.

  8. Luke Den Hartog

    My favorite way to flash an led is with the simple 2 transistor, 2 capacitor, 2 resistor, 2 trimpot method. Managed to squeeze this into a small heatshrink casing and got some blinky leds!

  9. ForthyPremonition

    I really quite enjoy watching you open random electronics from china. Its always fun to open up mail, and theres something entertaining about watching you play with these parts and come up with little projects for them. I'm a fan of this segment!

  10. Emmanuel Hernandez

    thous mp3 players are a pice of shrim, a brandnew just get fat while charging in around 1 hr.
    Oh, by the way Julian, have you hear about the divice ESP8266 wifi module for arduino?

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