Polycom Pano – How To Enable Touch On Non Touch Screens

How to get the best out of Polycom Pano without a large touch screen.

Do you have an existing non touch screen you want enable with Wireless presentation capabilities like Airplay and Miracast?

Would you like to annotation and manipulate content in the meeting room?

Here’s how it works:
there are 3 simple steps.

1. First you need a small HID compatible multi touch monitor in this demo i use an IIyama 24″ but there are many alternatives out there.

2. Next using a simple low cost HDMI splitter to share the Polycom Pano output to both the main monitor and the smaller touch screen

3. Pug the USB from the Polycom Pano into the smaller touch monitor

that’s it you are done, this setup works great as a control station on the meeting table however it could also be put on a lectern and used with a projector.

For more information on Polycom Pano visit:

in this demo I used a IIyama monitor check out here:

I’d love to hear how you would use this in your organizations so please let me know in the comments section,

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