Planar PX2230MW Touchscreen Monitor (w/ Windows 8)

Just a quick video to show what the Planar PX2230MW 21.5″ (22″) touchscreen monitor actually looks like since there weren’t any good videos or user photos that I could find online (other than one from the manufacturer). I’m running Windows 8 on it (it also works with Windows 7). It’s a great monitor, easily one of the best ones you can get to use as a Windows 8 touchscreen.

Here’s a link to it on Amazon…

13 thoughts on “Planar PX2230MW Touchscreen Monitor (w/ Windows 8)

  1. orrd

    I haven't had that problem. It must have something to do with your hardware or drivers. There are sleep mode settings in the Power Options control panel, and possibly also in your computer's BIOS settings.

  2. moparneon00

    hey i bought this same monitor and im running windows 8 pro 64bit. Every-time I start PC or put it in sleep mode I get a USB connection error and touchscreen part wont work but display view is fine. Is there anyway I can fix this. Also the only temporary way I can fix this is by unplugging and re-plugging in the USB to monitor for touchscreen to work.

  3. MonkeySpecs301

    Hey, is the back flat? And can the stand be taken off?

    I would like to place it flat on a drafting table and use it to write on.

  4. Ruffin Rhodes

    I have this same screen installed with windows 8 on my acer revo. Works great also but I have a black border around the screen…apprx 1/2". Not sure why.

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