Perfect MacBook Pro 4K USB-C Monitor (LG 27UD88) | Review

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Anyone who’s been following Apple will know that USB-C is becoming their go-to connector. Just as with the 2015 MacBook, the 2016 MacBook Pro is rumoured to feature only USB-C ports.

So what display do you get if you want an external monitor for your new USB-C ready laptop? Well, right now options are somewhat limited. Fortunately that’s okay because this LG 27UD88 Monitor will provide you with everything you need.

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18 thoughts on “Perfect MacBook Pro 4K USB-C Monitor (LG 27UD88) | Review

  1. ankur amre

    I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015). Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB.
    Will this monitor work on my MacBook at 60Hz? How do I charge my laptop from USB-C to Magsafe2?

  2. Константин Чернов

    Does Macbook Pro mid 2017 (WITHOUT touchbar) will be charging from this monitor via single cable?

  3. Rafal Rutyna

    You should try to review a dual 4K setup. I’m using two of this monitors with 2016 MacBook Pro with 16GB of ram with graphic scaled to 2560×1440 and this setup lags incredibly. Not so Pro setup after all.

  4. solaris051

    Hi! what scaling mode are you running the monitor at, 125% or 150%? With no scaling applied things would look to small + additional strain on the eyes

  5. AreYouDavid?

    Does anyone know if i can use this monitor on and MacBook prolate 2013? obviously without USB-C but HDMI?

  6. Hector Elias

    Since Apple is given me a headache, I'm deciding to get a Dell XPS 13 with USB-c. Will it work well with this monitor? Are there cheaper USB-c 4k monitor options?

  7. DoomedRace999

    I was checking online and saw two versions. "LG 27UD88-W" & "LG 27UD88" . What are the differences between these two versions ?

  8. Tim Hassett

    Ste, how did you calibrate the LG 27UD88 to get this monitor to match your Mac? Was there a magic combination you found in terms of resolution and calibration settings?

    I just recently purchased this display, and it's absolutely killing my eyes in terms of strain. I have this connected to a brand new 15" Touch Bar MacBook pro, have tried the LG calibration app, calibration via macOS, and also making tons of adjustments via the display itself, and I just can't get it right. I use it mainly for email and web work (lots of text), and I just can't seem to get it right.

    My old Apple Thunderbolt display seems MUCH easier on the eyes in comparison.

  9. Mario Herrero

    Does it charge the 15" MacBook Pro?
    Does it work? some users report that the power status is connected, but "Battery not charging"

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