11 thoughts on “Multi-Touch in Windows 7

  1. snivesz32

    The IPhone was released 16 months prior to this demo and the audience is still applauding these crude features? I don't get it.

  2. Hadgerz

    i'm with you on those points. but i'm sure a touchscreen monitor is still just a monitor – a peripheral so you can see. i'm sure you can still use a keyboard and mouse in conjunction with the touchscreen… as you can see at 3:00, that PC has a keyboard. typing things wouldn't be a problem.
    touchscreen mightn't be useful in every situation, like very long word processing or gaming.. but for mobile computing, or 'space-challenged' workstations, it'd be ideal.

  3. Travon Martin

    That a typo, notice how I said someone again after.. that's because i was thinking while i was typing, and i typed someone instead of something. anyways, what's your take on the touch screen?

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