MotionCOMMAND Mac OS X & Win7 Multi-Touch Touchscreen

Music Computing’s MotionCOMMAND line of Multi-Touch Touchscreens is designed to work with both Windows and Mac OS X.

MotionCOMMAND models are available from 32″ up to 100″ in size with 2, 6 or 32 points of touch.

Compete information can be found at:

6 thoughts on “MotionCOMMAND Mac OS X & Win7 Multi-Touch Touchscreen

  1. musiccomputing

    Anon – The MotionCOMMAND is just the touchscreen controller. It's used to control your software and VSTs. It does not have any sounds.

  2. Read Books

    Technology can't keep up with hot music. Wack device. I won't be purchasing this. U get way better sound quality from ur ass.

  3. Keith Matsushita

    @TheAsg2009 basically pointless for imac… either waste power running two cloned displays, or your stuck with a $1500 computer case with a useless lcd inside that cant be used for anything

  4. musiccomputing

    @TheAsg2009 – The touchscreen is powered and controlled via USB, so that should be fine, but you will need a video out from the iMac, which they do not have. However, you can use a USB to VGA adapter ($50) and handle the video from the iMac to the MotionCOMMAND that way. Please note that Mac OS X (Lion) will give you multi-touch controls, while the previous versions of Mac OS X will only give you single touch.

  5. marcooni03

    wow are music computings products gonna give open labs products are run for there money ,,,, defo ,i would say , i was amazed at O L products but victor has moved the concept again well done victor !!!!!! Ill defo be spreading the word about your new product ,, and good luck , hope it all works out !!!!

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