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4 thoughts on “LG G4 LCD and Touch Screen Repair Guide – RepairsUniverse

  1. arif00sheikh

    I'm having g4 h818n model pls tell me if h815n or any other variant models touch display will work fine on h818n model pls tell me.

  2. AntisepticHandwash

    Note: If you are performing this repair, take note if your replacement screen comes with the metal mesh-piece that fits within the screen, over the earpiece – some replacement screens don't include it. As such you may need to buy one separately or use the mesh-piece from the previous screen.

    Also check if the adhesive strip that you use has all the right holes punched in it for the various internal parts (camera; earpiece, etc) to function well – especially for the notification LED light. You may need to cut your own hole(s).

  3. AntisepticHandwash

    Thank you so much for this fantastic video!

    I followed the instructions and successfully replaced a smashed screen on my LG G4 H815T.

    The production quality of this video is simply excellent. The image quality is great; the camera angle is good; the instructions are concise; the narration is clear. There is no irrelevant information or rambling as with other such videos. Even the music is catchy!

    This was my first time performing hardware repairs on a smartphone. I was nervous, but this video prepared me well, and the repair went without a hitch. I'm so impressed – If I ever need to do any repairs for smartphones again, this channel will be the first place I look!

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