Lenovo AIO 910 Review – All in One 27″ Touch Screen PC That Folds Flat

Find one at Lenovo – http://lon.tv/g7wfb (not an affiliate link). The Lenovo AIO 910 is a refresh of a similar device from last year with a discrete GPU. It folds down similar to the Microsoft Surface Studio. See the Y910 review here: http://lon.tv/krqe0 and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:56 – Hardware overview
01:33 – Folding down the display
05:31 – Web browsing and YouTube / video performance
06:50 – Microsoft Word / Office test
07:19 – Gaming: Minecraft
07:53 – Gaming: Rocket League
08:22 – Gaming: Counterstrike: GO
09:44 – Kodi – HEVC and Blu Ray MKV
10:37 – Intel RealSense camera discussion
11:39 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This one to some degree is eclipsed by Lenovo’s own Y910 all in one that performs better and is more upgradeable. This one has the advantage of allowing its 27 inch display to fold flat to a desk.

The machine is equipped with the latest sixth generation Intel processors and 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM. Oddly the RAM is configured in single channel mode which hinders its benchmark performance.

While the display is 4k, it’s very reflective and a bit cloudy due to all of the touch screen hardware built into it. There’s also a sizable air gap between the display and front glass.

All in it’s not bad, but Lenovo makes better all in one hardware.

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20 thoughts on “Lenovo AIO 910 Review – All in One 27″ Touch Screen PC That Folds Flat

  1. Lon.TV

    A few of you pointed out the TDP (power consumption) of this chip is lower than comparable machines. So while it's an i7 it's running a little slower as a result compared to other Skylake chips we've looked at. That + the single channel configuration definitely hinders its performance a bit.

  2. hello there

    i don't like shiny reflective screen. they cause huge strain on eyes if one is trying to read something. i think united nations should eradicate all shiny screens from earth like epidemics!

  3. Gilles Lussier

    Note that there is 2 ram slots on this computer, so you could upgrade to dual channel anytime you so wishes. Also, the Intel Realsense camera supports windows 10 hello, so, you can use this camera to login to windows

  4. Guri Singh

    Sir i have watched ur vedio of LG 24MP 88HV & SAMSUNG CF 390 24". Please tell me which one of them is worth buying i am little bit confused.

  5. acrid Axid

    The performance hit you see is most likely because the CPU, even though it is a Core i7, is probably not a quad-core processor. Most slimline, integrated or laptop Core iX processors use these "UltraBook"-class dual-core chips. This has been true since Intel introduced the UltraBook class. Obviously these chips don't run as hot and therefore fit better into these specialized form factors.

    Make no mistake, you do get a performance boost by going with a dual-channel memory configuration, but nowhere near as drastic as you see as the result of your benchmarks here.

  6. Saurab Kharel

    It could be because of the single channel ram you mentioned, or the fact that it is running with a low power consumption I7 cpu intended for Laptops, All in ones and SFF PC's vs a High power consumption desktop chip.

  7. T30 is O.P. Christopher Salazar

    Lon again you are running a old version of minecraft can you update it to see if it runs better or worse?

  8. Dennis Olof

    I too was looking into this a while ago, the AIO systems. But unfortunately the only one I could find that used the Thin-ITX standard was a monitor from Gigabyte, but for some reason AIO systems that is build with standard components have not become popular, kind of sad as these types of AIO desktop computers are great for office stuff. It is similar to mounting a case behind the monitor but instead of that, you open the monitors back plate and install the components in the monitor.

    The big issue for me is I do not like custom parts, if they break down you can not replace it so easy, or perhaps not at all so you would then have to get another computer and so on. These AIO systems are probably the only way to regain customers that prefer laptops to the good old regular computer cases that we all had back in the day. Some still do but not the general consumer who do not care about anything computer hardware related.

    Nice review and great that Lenovo let you try the product.

  9. Programmer7

    I think part of the problem for the lackluster CPU performance is its TDP class. The i7-6700T is only a 35W CPU, whereas even the XPS 15 and MacBook Pro 15-inch are using 45W Core i7 CPUs. The i5 in the Y910 you reviewed is a 65W i5.

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