iPhone 6S Touch Screen Glass Digitizer & LCD Display Repair Replacement Guide

Injured Gadgets, the leader in Samsung, iPhone, iPod, and iPad repairs shows you how to repair your iPhone 6S with their Official iPhone 6S LCD Repair & Disassembly Video & Instructions. We also include the teardown and re-assembly directions start at 7:45

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Nylon Spudger

Metal Opening Tool

Micro Philips Screwdriver

Full Tool Kit with Nylon Spudger, Metal Opening tool, and Micro Philips Screwdriver

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18 thoughts on “iPhone 6S Touch Screen Glass Digitizer & LCD Display Repair Replacement Guide

  1. Han Zhang

    if the screen won't turn on..what is the problem but i can still feel it vibrate when i hold onto the power button for long

  2. Gallardo983

    I only transferred the home button to the new iPhone 6S digitizer screen replacement since it came with new camera and those stuff at top, and came with the metal shield plate. now my touch ID says FAILED. i transferred the old button to the new one though… what is the problem?

  3. Pieter VP

    I replaced the screen but my home button does not work anymore. I tried reconnecting the cable again but it does not help. Do you have some other tips?

  4. Mike Spencer

    unless you switch out the metal plate underneath the one you took off. touch id will not work. need original home button flex cable as well. thanks apple

  5. Ricky Pannell

    thanks so much. very precise, direct, clear instructions, as well as helpful advice. replaced my screen in just a few minutes. again thanks so much!

  6. paul forester

    Sometimes on iphone 6 when you connect the new lcd there will be no display. try hard reset. Power button + home button until you see the apple logo. I have also seen this on a few iphone 5, 5's. And on early ipads.

  7. paul forester

    On iphone 6s always disconnect the battery or you risk blowing the backlight fuse ic when plugging in the new lcd connector.

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