iPhone 5 Glass Clicking Problem

This is my new iPhone 5 which I have had for 2 days. It has developed a problem with the glass moving and making a clicking sound.

18 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Glass Clicking Problem

  1. Demonstar1254

    I've had my iPhone 5se for just over a year and I had an iPhone 5 before this and had the same problem . The man at apple told me this was comin and a falt with all types of 5 models so now I don't really care cause it's happening with all iPhones of this kind . I think it's to do with the heat coming off the phone melting the glue on the screen and it coming loose cause when my phone is cool it won't do this but whenever it's slightly hot the top right hand corner clicks till about hath way down the phone and the rest of the phone is solid .


    Yess same problem with my 5c. In the beginning it was really upsetting me cause it was really annoying. Went back and got a new one but three days later the second 5c screen was also clicking. I didn't see the point of going back for the second time after my girlfriend had the same problem and went back two times and two times the clicking sound appears. So i just deal with it and i don't even care no more. I will upgrade to the 7 after two years 5c. Hopefully i will not experience the same problem again!

  3. sashabond79

    Unfortunately they haven't fixed it in IPhone SE, mine started clicking after month of use, no drops or anything related:(

  4. LitSector

    Mine just started but I don't really care cause my phone works perfect and the only time I hear the click nose if I put pressure on it.

  5. Derrick Thomas

    iPhone5s but I'm alright as long as it doesn't come off because I paid good money and i just pop it back in

  6. Carolus Rex

    When I get a notification on my iPhone 5s, instead of vibrating my phone makes a clicking sound. When I shake it gently it sounds like there's something loose in the phone. Anyone else have this problem?

  7. Akil Alghifari

    Mine does it too but mine is worse because it clicks apps by itself and type by it self idk if it is my phone or ios 10

  8. The KFC Kid

    I hate this issue i had to get a new one now it's doing it again I'm about to say screw Apple time for a Samsung

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