19 thoughts on “How to: Windows 7 Multiple Monitor Setup

  1. Bobby Platt

    I can't drag pages from second monitor over to the first monitor in windows 7 can anyone please help me with that ?

  2. JImmy Jones

    Thank you so much! I ran into an issue at my house with getting the external monitor to function properly while I encountered no such issue using the same style docking station at work. I spent way too many hours investigating a resolution. Your video had me in-service within minutes. Thank you!

  3. darthvader5300

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  4. Brent Brandligt

    can someone help me, my settings are : extern but my mouse can go to my sercond monitor how can i intall that?

  5. Charlton Doomera

    So I was fucking around with my computer and have some how managed to uninstall a program that is necessary for dual monitors or at the very least one of my VGA ports have stopt working. If anyone could help me with this it would, obviously, be great!

  6. Cherie’s Corner

    My settings is showing 3 active monitors, however I only have 2 connected. How do I remove the ghost monitor?

  7. Confroz

    Hey i have a oculus and when i plug it in it doesn't show in the display settings but when i launch steam VR it detects it but i cannot find the oculus monitor on my computer, help please

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