Your phone still works but your screen is black or blank and unresponsive. Did you drop your phone ? Step by step guide, how to fix and repair your phone I hope it works for you. Should work on ipod also. Costs nothing in 2015

iPhone screw driver set.

16 thoughts on “HOW TO FIX REPAIR AN IPHONE BLACK UNRESPONSIVE SCREEN. Step by step guide. Gen 4 4s

  1. Ben Cen

    what if my iphone is waterdamaged and has no backlight (but you can still see the screen under bright sunlight?)

  2. Amrit Dodhia

    ooh thanks man you seriously saved me some couple of dollers and ihave nothing to give back but just a big thank you have a blessed time

  3. beewoy

    I can hear my phone vibrating, and I can see the backlight is illuminated… This having replaced the screen after it stopped working from a drop.

  4. margaret moodie

    I have an iphone 4S. The power button has not worked for a long time so when I dropped the phone and the screen went black, (even though the phone was still alive), I thought my only option was to send it in for repairs. The quote I got was higher than the value of the phone, so I put it in a drawer! Several weeks later – by which time the battery had drained – I decided to charge it to see if I could somehow fix it myself. Plugged it in and VOILA … up came the battery image! To my delight, it was fully functional once recharged. I'll be ultra careful in future, not to drop it! Conclusion, allow the battery to drain completely, then recharge.

  5. KoRuPTeD_Witness

    My iphone is not getting detected in itunes, It wont charge, Plus i cant use my home button as the connections are fucked what else could I do? Also attempting to charge it the battery gets warm! Ill still get a new battery but could anything else be wrong?

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