How To Calibrate a Monitor

How do you calibrate your monitor and why should you do it?. First the why. All monitors display colours slightly differently to one and other in the same way TV sets do. One might be a bit darker, brighter, greener, yellower, more colourful than another one. So you spend ages working on your images, send them off to a proper professional lab to be printed and what comes back is nothing like what you created on your monitor screen.

If your monitor is not calibrated to display colours exactly the same as the printer that’s printing the pictures you won’t get back a match for what you have on your display. Doesn’t matter how new or expensive the monitor is – it needs calibrating to match everyone else s.

How to calibrate a monitor? It’s pretty easy these days. Even easier than in this videos because my calibration spyder and software is a few years old. Newer spyders you don’t even need to set up. Just plug them in and run the software and you’re done.

If you’re serious about your photography and have watched our photography videos or bought our photography DVD – you’re on a hiding to nothing if you don’t calibrate your monitor.

Mike Browne

10 thoughts on “How To Calibrate a Monitor

  1. Colin Gill

    Very interesting however, can one use the same procedure on a lap top. mines a year old. IF not can you give some guidance please.

  2. Jason Campbell

    You've been such an inspiration to me and my passion for photography. Since watching your videos my work and enjoyment has increased tenfold. I had a quick question with monitor calibration. I have watched a lot of tutorials on Lightroom, and I started getting comfortable with the software until I posted some pics on social media. When I see them on my phone and iPad they look way over saturated. Is this a monitor issue or does it have something to do with resolution size? Thanks again!

  3. Audun Jemtland

    I used color munki and it completely messed up the contrast and colors, to the worse! Any idea how to manually get it back? It don't have a function of reset it back.

  4. Baptiste Frankinet

    Thanks !!! great video !! but I have before I buy a calibrator , is it worth to do on a TN based monitor? It's a 10 bit 4k monitor that I got for fairly cheap , colours are ok but I would like if it's worth it to calibrate it because I do some video editing and photoshop but don't know if it would make a difference , thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Graham Gillett

    Great video but next time you have to clear your throat every 30-seconds stop the video and take some water. Most distracting….

  6. Scott Lacey

    Thank you for a very informative video Mike. As I was watching your video, I already discovered that my HP 2011x monitor DOES have controls. Now, I'm gonna' dust off my Color Munki, jury-rig a monitor shade and calibrate my monitor. 🙂

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