Hanns.G HG221A – 22″ LCD monitor review – Part-2

Video review of the Hanns.G HG221A 22″ LCD monitor, a super value screen ideal for home-studio use due to it’s price, screen width and ability to be placed quite close to a rear wall, thus offering maximum desktop space. This is Part-2 of the review.

7 thoughts on “Hanns.G HG221A – 22″ LCD monitor review – Part-2


    Thanks a lot for this review and for showing the screen menu…….I got this yesterday and is very happy about it……nice screen.

  2. dancetech

    tbh, i've no idea having not tried the Acer. The acer does have DVI input tho, this hanns.g does not, but UK price for the hanns.g is only a measly 106 quid. I cant decide for you, not sure what the acer costs in UK. All i can say is the hanns.g hg221a is perfectly acceptible for home studio use and general computer work, and thats the angle we review things from.

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