Dual Monitor Setup with Apple Mac Mini

This video will show you how you can easily connect and use two monitors with your Apple Mac Mini. For this purpose, I’ve used my TV as Monitor 1 and a second 21″ monitor as Monitor 2. I will use HDMI for both monitors.

My first video showing how to do two monitors, was really an instruction video crossed with an unboxing of two samsung monitors. I shouldn’t have mixed two video topics together – but as it was my first video, I have since learned. This video will only instruct on how to use two monitors and have a two monitor setup – either in mirroring mode or joined.

If you prefer, you can use VGA connections, but you would need HDMI to VGA adapter as well as a Thunderbolt (Mini Display Port) adapter to HDMI.

For this video, I also used a Moshi Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter. You can buy it at Amazon.ca for .00. The link: http://www.amazon.ca/Moshi-Mini-DisplayPort-HDMI-Adapter/dp/B003XCVQ3C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1369080028&sr=8-2&keywords=Mini+Display+Port+to+HDMI+Moshi

12 thoughts on “Dual Monitor Setup with Apple Mac Mini

  1. Mr. S

    I have an iMac mini and need to buy a vga to hdmi adapter to connect my older monitor. But I'm not sure about something. Does the iMac mini have a regular sized hdmi slot or a mini hdmi? I think it's regular but not sure.

  2. Alex Lopez

    great tip my man i follow your instruction right on now im able to enjoy my movies, very good explanation you rock.

  3. Shaw Mcinroy

    THANK YOU! Been thinking of double monitors, I don't have the display changing option yet but if I add another will it come up?

  4. Waseem Alfares

    hi. i have question not about this topic but in the video i saw your apple keyboard with mouse pad together , how is that happened ? 

  5. Nitesh Verma

    I have a usb to vga cable. Is it possible to connect second monitor with vga connection? I only see second monitor connected in thunderbolt port. Informative video. Thanks

  6. Paulo Parreira

    How about if you want to connect any kind of extra thunderbolt device like a NAS and still maintain both monitors?

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