Don’t Ignore a Good Deal

I always get an email in my inbox telling me to click for some money saving deals on energy, and I always move it into the spam folder. These kinds of emails always get on my nerves, because the people who are sending them don’t get the hint that no one actually takes the time to read these messages, or in the worst scenario, they’re just deleting them. I got tired of clicking on each individual message, so I set up a filter that would automatically move the messages to the spam folder once they were received. My spam folder became so full of them that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I clicked one f the messages, and that’s when something interesting happened.

The message took me to a website that showed me a list of companies in my area. All of these companies have the ability to service the homes where I live, which means that I had the option to sign up for any of them at any time, and I didn’t even know it. The email was also true to its word, because the companies on the list had pricing plans that were league better than my own plan.

I did a lot of thinking about what I found, and switched to one of the other companies. I told my neighbors about the website, and a few of them already knew that there were other companies who provide energy in our area. They never mentioned it, and I never asked. We all just assumed that everyone was using the same company for energy. I asked them about any other companies they knew about, and one of them told me about an Internet provider that gives its users a free cell phone, along with free wireless calling, texting, and data.

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