8 thoughts on “Compact Tormach Enclosures and Monitor mounting.

  1. Andy Silvester

    Cliff a year ago your inspiration for the compact enclosure design proved to me I could accommodate a 770 in the 'alcove' part of my workshop. Before that I was contemplating a 440. I'm so glad I went for the bigger machine! My 770 and enclosure setup is only 1250mm (49") wide between walls and without your 'letter-box' hinged-flap arrangement allowing the left X-travel to extend into the thickness of the stud wall It would have been a non-starter. Also, the hinged left and right panels and sliding doors idea is perfect for me – I'm grateful every time I use it!
    Thanks again for the simple yet innovative design and the informative videos that make copying your work such a breeze!
    Cheers, Andy, Oxford, UK

  2. criio1

    seeing the small footprint makes me actually want to get an 1100 in my tiny shop.

    was the coolant tray cut down?

  3. E Bos

    Nice open design. allot of light you getting in. Do you have the drawings for the monitor frame and stand? its Nice and compact!! Greetz from the Netherlands. Erik.

  4. Mark Stein

    Hi Cliff, Once I get moved into my new smaller shop later this summer, my plan is to build a new enclosure. I have found several ideas online and I find your thoughtful development of your enclosure most aligned with what I'm after. Space utilization will be key, so your timing couldn't have been better. I've already stolen your three legged design for the base that I built last year. Coming from race car building, I used 1/2" drive, suspension "weight jacker bolts" for my three adjustable legs. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Mark 🙂

  5. William Norris

    Thank for another great vidio are your touch probes for sale yet can you give me a link to them Regards W Norris Gold Coast Australia

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