Classroom Tools & Technology at Office Depot OfficeMax

Technology is changing every year and it’s allowing us to do amazing things in the classroom. At Office Depot OfficeMax, you can find all of the classroom tools you need to fully immerse students with technology in the classroom and facilitate better learning. The new overhead projectors, for example, come equipped with technology that allows the user to freely draw on, erase and modify whatever they’re projecting rather than constantly having to scribble and erase. You won’t have to worry about splotches either, with a 1080p projection that will capture any image with crisp precision.

Another great classroom tool is the interactive whiteboard. More and more classrooms are using interactive whiteboards, essentially, as a computer screen on which you can write draw and project multiple images. You can even pause videos and allow students to annotate the scene to drive home whatever lesson plan you’re teaching.
Office Depot OfficeMax also has great deals on more traditional classroom tools for old school educators. Podiums, for instance, are a great way for teachers to establish authority in the classroom. They create order and add a level of comfort to instructors in front of large classes. Whatever your preference, Office Depot OfficeMax has the tools to bring everything to life and education to the next level. Visit the Business Solutions Division for even more great info on how students can benefit from the products and services we offer.

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