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  • A Glass Tabletop for My Dining Table

    When a coworker invited me over for dinner, I graciously accepted the invitation. We had been getting friendlier with one another, and we both had kids around the same age. It was the first time I had been at her house, and I fell in love with her decorating style as soon as I saw it. She took me on a tour, and her dining room was my favorite by far. I asked about the glass that she had on her table, and she told me that she had contacted a mirror installer in Brooklyn about refinishing an antique mirror she had, and she ended up getting more than just that done.

    She showed me the mirror, and it is definitely gorgeous, but I really liked the idea of the glass tabletop on her dining room table. It is obvious without even knowing much about furniture that the table is very expensive, but she didn't want to stop her kids from being kids at the dinner table. That is why she got the glass tabletop, and I knew that I was going to get the same for my own home.

    She gave me the information for the company that custom made the tabletop for her, and I went to their website to see what else they do. I ended up doing the same thing that she did. I went there for one reason, but I ended up ordering glass shelves as well after seeing how elegant they look. They were able to have both orders done quickly, and it has made such a difference at home. It feels great not having to tell the kids to be careful at the table, and I think they are enjoying their new freedom too. It looks much better, and it has made all of us a lot more relaxed at home too!

  • Why Scanning Software is Important for Photos

    Anyone who is familiar with photography knows that the work does not end when you press the button and take a picture. Sure, this is the part of the process that usually gets the most attention, but just having pictures stored within the camera does not do much good for anyone. Instead we typically want to take these recorded pictures and transfer them to other mediums, which can sometimes be a more intense process than the actual picture taking itself. Of course as technology has come along, things have gotten easier, especially with cheap scanner software that is now readily available to suit a wide variety of customer needs.

    It was not long ago that in order to take a picture from a camera and turn it into something useful, you had to pay a professional for every aspect of it. Sure, some enthusiastic hobbyists will always learn to do the complicated aspects of anything on their own, but the general public was pretty much at the mercy of the people developing the photos. With the incoming digital technology that has transformed photography, things are now even easier for customers that want to get more out of their pictures.

    For old pictures from old cameras, however, it is necessary to convert these images to a digital format in order to take advantage of this new world. Fortunately scanners that are capable of doing this have become much more cheap in recent years, so even someone that is not ready to invest much money can take advantage of this method. To make things easier though, customers and photographers need to find the best scanning software for their specific needs. This software can not only make the process much easier and user-friendly, but it can even speed up the process by making each aspect of it more efficient.

  • Finding the Perfect Apartment in Revere

    My husband works as a government contractor and while we maintain a small home in Minnesota, most of our time is spent living for six months to a year or more out-of-state as my husband oversees government building jobs. Our most recent destination was Boston, MA and I was tasked with finding an apartment for rent in Revere MA which is just outside the city of Boston. I prefer to be close to a big city, but am a bit more accustomed to suburban type living myself.

    I work online so location is generally not an issue for me as long as I have access to the Internet, I am able to work, but I do always hope to find a nice place to live wherever my husband happens to be sent. I'm not terribly picky, but do enjoy certain little luxuries that make any place we stay more comfortable and convenient. Proximity to grocery and convenience stores, a nearby coffee shop and gas station all make life perfect for me. My husband enjoys a space where we have great views and can utilize some outdoor space as well.

    I have to say, Revere, MA has been one of my favorite places we have lived so far. We found a wonderful apartment with amenities that rivaled those of places we have stayed and paid twice as much in rent. The neighborhood where we lived was beautiful and we could see the ocean from our apartment. I loved the town, and everywhere I went, I met super friendly people who were willing to give tips and suggestions for great places to eat and historic sites to see. My husband enjoyed the easy commute to Boston where he was working and we spent a lot of time exploring there too. I don't feel this way about too many places we have lived, but Revere is definitely one place I would like to return to if the opportunity arose.

  • An Apartment for Me and Mom

    When my mom told me she was moving to Tennessee, I was really excited when I found out she was moving close to Nashville. She was moving there for work, and I was really happy for her because I knew she had worked hard to get where she is. I also knew that this could be shot at my own dreams too though. I knew that she was looking at apartments in Antioch TN, which is only a quick ride from Nashville. I am a singer/songwriter, and I have had some local success.

    That did not really mean much though if I did not broaden my horizons. I knew moving to Nashville, or at least to a town a few miles outside of it, could be the break I had been looking for. I asked my mom if she would be willing to look at two bedroom apartments if I chipped in on the rent and utilities. Her response really made me smile, because I have the best mom in the world. She told me that she had already applied for and gotten a two bedroom apartment. She had planned on asking me all along to join her there!

    She showed me pictures of the apartments, and I knew that we would really enjoy living there. While i was hoping to spend the majority of my free time in Nashville, it was still nice to think of all the amenities that come along with being a resident at Hickory Trace. There is a pool, tennis courts, a fitness center and so much more, plus the apartment is really nice too! We each have a nice bedroom with a full bath, and the common spaces are large enough that we won't get in each other's way. This is the best move for both of us!

  • Don’t Ignore a Good Deal

    I always get an email in my inbox telling me to click for some money saving deals on energy, and I always move it into the spam folder. These kinds of emails always get on my nerves, because the people who are sending them don't get the hint that no one actually takes the time to read these messages, or in the worst scenario, they're just deleting them. I got tired of clicking on each individual message, so I set up a filter that would automatically move the messages to the spam folder once they were received. My spam folder became so full of them that I just couldn't take it anymore. I clicked one f the messages, and that's when something interesting happened.

    The message took me to a website that showed me a list of companies in my area. All of these companies have the ability to service the homes where I live, which means that I had the option to sign up for any of them at any time, and I didn't even know it. The email was also true to its word, because the companies on the list had pricing plans that were league better than my own plan.

    I did a lot of thinking about what I found, and switched to one of the other companies. I told my neighbors about the website, and a few of them already knew that there were other companies who provide energy in our area. They never mentioned it, and I never asked. We all just assumed that everyone was using the same company for energy. I asked them about any other companies they knew about, and one of them told me about an Internet provider that gives its users a free cell phone, along with free wireless calling, texting, and data.

  • New App for Sharing Data Between Fitness Trackers of Different Brands

    I had an idea for a health tracking app that would read the data from any wearable fitness device, but I needed a mobile app development in Singapore to do the coding. I wanted to find a way to port different brands of wearable fitness trackers so that consumers cold share information and challenges with friends and family who have a device of a different brand. Grabbing the data from the devices was not hard. It was wrangling the legal aspects of how the data would be used. I first thought of the idea when our nephew had a different brand of fitness tracker than everyone else in the family. He bought his because it has GPS built in, but he did not know the rest of us would be getting the other popular brand.

    He could never share in our challenges because these devices only upload data to their own proprietary servers of the companies that made the devices. There is no cross-sharing of information between device makers. However, they all use Bluetooth to spread the data, so I thought it easy to make an app that would be able to share the fitness tracker info across multiple mobile devices. As I said, getting the data is not a problem. It is just being able to share it legally. There are a lot of words in the end user licensing agreements of the various fitness apps. I understand that. They want you, and your family and friends to all use just their service.

    It is still early in the game for the fitness trackers, so it is still just an industry taking baby steps into the consumer world of social media and fitness. I do not know how to get the companies to be more forthcoming with making it easy for their devices to share with other brands of fitness tracking data collection, but I do know a company that does mobile app development in Singapore that can help make it a reality once I get all of the legal hurdles worked out.

  • Keeping It Cool in the Heat

    A new AC installation in NYC has my home feeling like an igloo in the middle of winter. I don't want to leave my home because of the hot temperatures, but I have to in order to get to work and run errands. The thermostat has the temperature set at the right level, so when I enter the door, it's like walking into heaven. Whenever someone else visits my home, they always tell me that it feels too cold to them, but it feels perfect to me. I guess I've been in the cold so long that I've gotten used to it.

    While the cold feels good to me, my plants prefer to be outside in the sun. I started growing a tomato plant a few months ago and it's gotten pretty big. It's a determinant plant, so it will only grow up to a certain height. These kinds of plants are more convenient because you don't really have to worry about pruning them. The tomato has already started to bear fruit, and once they fully ripen, they'll be juicy and delicious. I hope I can keep the bugs from getting to them before they can ripen.

    I've been working hard to turn the extra space in my yard into a full garden. By the end of the year, I want to have a lot of vegetables and a few fruit trees planted. I plan to have enough so that I won't ever need to buy any from the store. Each weekend I go outside to do work early in the morning, and when the day is done, I'm beat. I shower off the dirt and relax under the cool air from the air conditioner. It will take a few more weeks to get the garden done, but it will be worth it.

  • I’m Glad I Didn’t Try to Handle Things Alone

    Not being very fond of insects, I have always done my best to try to keep them out of my house. Often, I capture them in a cup and release them outside. But anytime that I have had to deal with an ant infestation or anything like that, I have been known to break out a can of spray to make sure that things don't become a bigger problem for me later. So, when some new-to-me, winged bugs kept showing up, no matter what I did, I called an extermination company over to tell me what treatments were available to me to stop these annoying creatures in their tracks.

    The little bugs that I kept seeing seemed like some sort of bugs that would not really be a big deal. I stated out by simply capturing them in a glass like I did at any other time in the past. I would then release them outside. But I kept finding them. I found it interesting that, although they had wings, I never saw them flying in my home. I would simply find them walking across my wood floor or along my kitchen counter. When they kept showing up, I wondered if I had some sort of indoor infestation, and I looked all throughout my house, but found nothing.

    When the exterminator showed up, I was happy to point out that I had a very clean house and could not understand why I was having such trouble with insects. He pointed out in return that insects infect the cleanest of homes, and it was his job to help out. After I explained what I had been seeing, he decided to make a trip outside my home, which surprised me. Fifteen minutes later, he came back and told me that I had termites, and they were finding their way into my home through tiny cracks. It is good that I made sure that I called in a pro because I would have never known that the problem was outside in the wood on my home.

  • Making the Right Tennis Prediction

    My friends and I like to bet on sporting events, and I'm always the one who makes the least amount of money from it. I've tried switching up my strategy multiple times, but nothing worked. Even something like tennis, where you don't have to worry about team dynamics, I had a difficult time winning. In order to get better at making tennis prediction, I looked for tips on the Internet. I was thinking about the predictions all wrong. Instead of paying attention to how the tennis players behave, I needed to look more at their stats.

    Everything in the sports world boils down to stats. There are stats for how much a team scores, how likely they are to attempt certain plays, and even the chances of them getting injuries. Stat comparison takes the guess work out of sports and makes everything into an easy to understand mathematical comparison. I looked at the records of two tennis players that were about to have a match to see which one had the better win loss record. I also looked at the chances of them making any kind of comeback in the later rounds of the matches, and how well they perform in short and long sets.

    Once I gained the information I needed from using the tips, I placed a bet on a tennis match with my friends. My bet was different from what my friends were making, and they thought I was crazy for making the bet. They were confident that I would lose money again, but once the match was over, they were shocked to see that I won. I was so confident that I would win that I put a lot of money on the bet, and I made 4 times that amount back. The winnings erased all of the money I lost the entire year.

  • A Place for Pet Owners to Live

    There aren't a lot of apartments in my area that allow pets to live with their owners. I tried to keep a pet in my old apartment, and for a while I was able to pull it off. I kept the pet indoors so that no one would know I had it. Eventually, the pet got out one day, and the landlord found out. He was furious and terminated my contract. I left the apartment and moved into one of the luxury apartments in Denver. This apartment didn't mind if the residents had pets, and in fact they actually encouraged it.

    I thought that having a cat would have meant that people wouldn't know that I was harboring a pet, since the cat doesn't bark at all hours of the night, but the sounds of a cat can be loud enough for others to notice sometimes. In my new apartment, the rooms were built with better construction than the old one, so all of the sounds that my cat made couldn't be heard by the other residents. I could take the cat outside and no one would care, although getting the cat to go out like a dog was next to impossible. The cat just wanted to lay around and sleep most of the time.

    There are a lot of cat owners in the apartments. I thought there would be nothing but dog owners, but the other residents had the same ideas about cats as pets. They wanted a pet that wouldn't make a lot of noise and would be easy to take care of in a given space. There were a few kids that had some out of the ordinary pets, like frogs and hamsters. One kid had a hamster that rolled around in a ball like some kind of circus stuntman.

  • Refitting a Lot of Machinery

    I have been working for this guy who is in machinery sales lately. What he does is pretty simple in theory, but in reality it does not always work out the way that he plans for it to work out. He goes around to auctions involving factories that have shut down and he buys things that he thinks are a bargain. It is not always so simple and a lot of the time he has to do some work on the stuff. Right now I have been trying to fix up some powder filler machines for him, but in fact he did not seem to understand that the older machines are at a considerable disadvantage to the new ones. The big thing with this sort of stuff is automation. With the new stuff, they have the latest in computerization and you can adapt the machines to different jobs with very little effort. These older ones have machine language software, which is basically stuff that was invented thirty years ago. In fact you do not need much processing power to do the basic stuff that is required of these sorts of machines. You do need it if you want to have flexibility. That is something which is valuable. Of course the way to make money in manufacturing is to be more efficient than the other guy. It is a simple thing for you to say that, but you have to figure out the best way to accomplish it. You are really going to need to figure out how to get to the bottom line that is going to make you better able to outcompete the other guy. Using second hand machines is not usually going to be the best way to get there, because the savings will not carry through in the long run.

  • Coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond

    I have started to shop a lot at Bed Bath and Beyond Recently and I really love their products, they have a lot of products that I will be buying from there going forward, and not from other places. But at the same time, I also feel like it is a rather expensive place to shpp and so that is why I have been checking out to look for coupons that might be able to save me some money. I am not really sure how much it is going to save me, but I really subscribe to the notion that every penny counts.

    Because if you take the mentality that every savings matters into every transaction you make, then when you add up all of those little savings over the long run, you are actually going to find that you have saved yourself a lot of money. Some people might say that it is not worth the extra time it takes to find all of those extra savings, but I really am not sure what those people have to do that's better. It's not like I am going to spend time looking for coupons that I could have spent working and making money. Rather, I am going to be doing it in my free time. So it is definitely not an issue on that front.

    Anyway, I am trying to make a list of products that I am going to look for coupons for. I know I am running low on a few things that I use on a daily basis, and I also had a couple of other items on al ist somewhere that I wanted to buy. I am not really sure where that list is, but I know it has to be around my house somewhere.

  • Finding Incentives for Changing Power Companies

    I like the option to be able to choose the power company that you get your electricity from. It is not all that prevalent across the country, but in Texas, it is the status quo. However, I moved into my parents' old house a few years ago, and I just continued to get electricity through the company they had always used. I want to exercise my power to choose and start to look for another power company. I am sure that I can probably find a better rate than the one that I am getting right now.

    Even if I am not able to find a better price than what I am currently paying for my electricity, it seems likely I should be able to find a company that will give me some sort of incentive to switch to their company, and away from my old company. Maybe I could get a deal like a free month of electricity when I switch companies.

    I am not sure if that is something that any of the companies out there are actually offering to new customers, but it does sound like something that they might try in order to lure customers over to them. At least, if I were in charge of a power company, and there were a lot of competition in the area, I would probably try to offer something like a free month of electricity to new users, or specifically when you switch away from a competing company. It would work a lot of the time in my estimation. I am not sure what other sort of incentives might be offered, but I guess I am going to find that out because I am currently on this website that will allow me to compare different electricity providers across the state.