Boss BV9759BD DVD Bluetooth Stereo – Review 2016

Boss BV9759BD
Demo and Review 2016
Boss Audio BV9759BD Product Highlights
⦁ Enjoy your favorite movie or videos in while on the go during travel with Boss BV9759BD 7” Double Din Motorized Touchscreen Monitor for Vehicles.
⦁ Rear camera input
⦁ Bluetooth Compatibility
⦁ Switchable radio stations
⦁ 7” motorized touchscreen monitor
⦁ DVD/MP3/CD compatible
⦁ Remote control included

Music by Jeff Kaale:

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5 thoughts on “Boss BV9759BD DVD Bluetooth Stereo – Review 2016

  1. Troy Dry

    I'm looking into putting a boss audio radio into the pool that I work at. do you think this would last a good 3-5 years with normal use

  2. Wilson Bradley

    Iv'e got the BOSS Audio BV9986BI Single-DIN.. Makes an annoying grinding noise when LCD comes out for 1-2 min. Firmware menu is outdated and sux. Looking for firmware replacement.. Anyone?

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