Best Jeep Wrangler Radio 10.1 Inch Screen

This is a really nice radio and I had to share it with all of you, this is the Best Jeep Wrangler Radio you could buy today because its basically a tabled made for Jeep wrangler, all your steering wheel controls will work perfectly, you dont need to set it up or do anything to it, just plug it in and it works, no need to cut any cables, everything is plug and play. This is the best Jeep Wrangler Radio…..

17 thoughts on “Best Jeep Wrangler Radio 10.1 Inch Screen


    Saludo donde puedo conseguir ese radio y te pregunto es compatible jeep jk 2007 ?

  2. ad78

    I ordered one total of $379. They told me that they shipped mine with 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage. Cant wait!!!’

  3. bluesstylee411

    Okay, might be a stupid question, but if im using for example google maps on this unit, does it use data from somewhere? like if youre not by a wifi source, how would it work. I know gps's dont use cellphone towers, but im curious how id be able to use apps on there if im not close to a wifi source? I also dont really understand how car gps's work so im sorry if this is a no brainer haha

  4. jack leivenzon

    I live in Australia
    Right hand drive
    The manufacturer only has a left hand instrument cluster. They don't make right hand. Do you think it's possible to break the factory cluster and trim it to use the 10.1 inch radio cluster supplied by the Chinese

    Because you installed one what's the possibility of making it suit right hand drive

  5. Peter Davila

    So if you're driving and there is no wifi, how do you get to use your cell phone signal for internet access. do you need to get a 4G card or do you pair to your Verizon android phone?

  6. Pab C

    Thanks for that. Have you had any issues with that radio that would need to be considered before buying one? Cheers

  7. Pab C

    Your Jeep looks great. What brand radio is it and where can I get one from. I have a Jeep Rubicon 2015. Cheers and thanks for the great video.

  8. laiglej

    Hi, thanks for your test! Could you tell me if all the speakers work with the Android radio? The sound is as good as the original radio? Great job!

  9. Sed Frederick Carlos

    How can you delete the App from the bottom. I cant seem to be able to customize the icons which i want music and video icons deleted

  10. Boom Boom Bap

    "Best" is a bold statement. 5 members of my Jeep club purchased same unit and of the 5 only 1 is still functiong. Mine lasted for 8 weeks before it tapped out, rear speakers would cease to work until I banged on the dash. It wasn't the best sounding radio but features made up for that but once apps needed updating, out dated version of android made apps unusable. I took it to a mobile audio shop to get it troubleshooted & once opened up just by looking at it, cheap components, pcb board & unshielded wiring, told me it wasn't even worth fixing. It's been collecting dust in my garage ever since. If your followers buy this piece of junk based on your review then they'll take everything you say with a grain of salt once their units crap out.

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