ASUS VG278HE 144Hz Extreme Gaming LCD Showcase NCIX Tech Tips

Wish you had your CRT back for its lightning fast response times? LCD IS FINALLY READY FOR YOUR BUSINESS!


20 thoughts on “ASUS VG278HE 144Hz Extreme Gaming LCD Showcase NCIX Tech Tips

  1. A Peaceful Knight

    dont get why the didnt putt a display port input i mean im the kind of guy who likes ro use the internal speakers so either speakers 60hz or no speakers 144hz ……

  2. Keithapalooza

    I keep accidentally clicking on this video and that flailing at the beginning scares the shit out of me every time. Damn you Linus!!

  3. Ryan Braun

    What cable do I need to use to take advantage of the 144hz refresh rate? I know hdmi is only 60hz, so what one?

  4. tether

    I'd get this monitor but at its price point you might as well pay 20 bucks more and get one of those Korean QNIX monitors that are PLS, higher res AND overclock to 120hz. That's like the dream monitor, and its only 280 bucks.

  5. TheWarfare07

    i got 350 bucks right now looking to upgrade my 2009 HP's LCD monitor. im currently running AMD's 7950 3 gb GPU i was wondering if 7950 has a capacity to match up with this monitor ? is this worth buying

  6. Superchad245

    CRTs still are better in my opion, LCDs cant fully replace them yet, LCDs maybe be near CRT in response time, but their color and viewing angle time is still lacking, if only someone would revive SED technology (basicly a flatpanel CRT) which could replace CRTs completely in everything except multisyncing, or improve OLED displays to make them not suck (blue pixels die faster than green which die faster than red)

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