An Apartment for Me and Mom

When my mom told me she was moving to Tennessee, I was really excited when I found out she was moving close to Nashville. She was moving there for work, and I was really happy for her because I knew she had worked hard to get where she is. I also knew that this could be shot at my own dreams too though. I knew that she was looking at apartments in Antioch TN, which is only a quick ride from Nashville. I am a singer/songwriter, and I have had some local success.

That did not really mean much though if I did not broaden my horizons. I knew moving to Nashville, or at least to a town a few miles outside of it, could be the break I had been looking for. I asked my mom if she would be willing to look at two bedroom apartments if I chipped in on the rent and utilities. Her response really made me smile, because I have the best mom in the world. She told me that she had already applied for and gotten a two bedroom apartment. She had planned on asking me all along to join her there!

She showed me pictures of the apartments, and I knew that we would really enjoy living there. While i was hoping to spend the majority of my free time in Nashville, it was still nice to think of all the amenities that come along with being a resident at Hickory Trace. There is a pool, tennis courts, a fitness center and so much more, plus the apartment is really nice too! We each have a nice bedroom with a full bath, and the common spaces are large enough that we won’t get in each other’s way. This is the best move for both of us!

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