Amazing wacom alternative!? ~ XP-Pen 22HD review and installation

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12 thoughts on “Amazing wacom alternative!? ~ XP-Pen 22HD review and installation

  1. Aex Lee

    i have a few questions before i consider buying this;
    1. what are the price ranges?
    2. does this work on both Mac n windows?
    3. are there any cons that I should be aware for?

  2. Sminfin

    i am currently saving up for this tablet and it's quite funny that you can kinda use it for watching anime too (like a friend of mine does xD)

  3. chariots8x

    It seems cool but it sucks that there are no express keys, the pen doesn't have tilt sensitivity, the screen lacks texture, and you have to recharge the stylus.

  4. Laura Brett

    As well as having remove all your other tablet drivers before installation, were you able to re-install them afterwards? Can both drivers be installed at once, is what I'm trying to say? 😀

  5. eduki

    To install the protector perfectly, go to the shower, close the door and start running the hot water until you feel the atmosphere full of stem. That way, all the air dust particles will fall to the floor and after that, clean the tablet surface, and carefully install the protector. You´ll see how this way you do it perfectly.

  6. Paz

    I'm really interested in getting one of these but I've seen some reviews where there's issues using it as an extended monitor – stuff like right clicking in photoshop causing menus to spawn inches away from the cursor and stuff. Do you use it in extended mode when you're working, or mirrored? And if you do use it extended have you had any problems with calibration, or when right clicking and stuff?

    Oh and do you use it with a windows or mac computer?

    Thanks for your help

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