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Behold The Future…Airbar, Touch when you need it.
Get ready to pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll without a touchscreen. The AirBar™ sensor works with your PC, and if you like to touch, this is it.

What you need to know about AirBar…
Let’s tech out for a while. AirBar projects an invisible light field on the surface of your display that makes it possible to “touch” the screen and interact with Windows® 8 and 10 gestures. This is all thanks to Neonode’s zForce AIR™ technology, which can be used for all sorts of cool stuff. The reason you can use anything to touch is that the light field reacts to any disturbance. So raise your hand and make sure you’re first in line. Pre-order now and we’ll get back to you soon.

Touch without a touchscreen, Pinch, Zoom, Swipe, Tap… Do it all with AirBar!

Features…Use Windows gestures, Pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll away. Touch without touchscreen, Touch without glare and battery drain. Plug-and-touch. Attach with the magnetic strip and plug in the USB port. Done. Works with anything. Use your fingers, gloves, brush or whatever. It works.


Neonode’s AirBar uses beams of light to turn any laptop into a touchscreen laptop, Neonode’s AirBar is the latest PC accessory that wants to make traditional laptops all touchy-feely.

Ever since Microsoft so heartily embraced finger-friendliness with Windows 8, accessory makers have been striving to figure out a compelling way to add touch capabilities to non-touchscreen displays, be it in the form of fancy styli paired with infrared receivers, gesture control scheme like Leap Motion, or touch-sensitive overlays that you plop on your laptop’s display. But sadly, every single solution has been either lacking in functionality or just plain overpriced.

The AirBar’s a slim sensor that magnetically latches onto the bottom of your Chromebook or Windows laptop’s display and connects via USB. Once it’s hooked up—Neonode says it’s plug and play, with no extra drivers necessary—the device casts a beam of light across your screen, and you can poke, pinch, zoom, swipe and scroll around with your hand the way you would on a touchscreen PC.

Since the AirBar’s powered by light, rather than touch, you can use it to interact with your laptop in ways that traditional touchscreens don’t allow, such as with a glove or even chopsticks


The AirBar™ sensor – Get touch on your new or existing PC

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  1. contact1araya

    so do they have different lengths for different size monitors, or does one work on all, or does it only work on part of the display?

  2. pepperzonic

    I like the fact that an alarm sounds when the top of the monitor is touched, preventing you from closing the laptop over the AirBar. Really wish it was ready for MacBook.

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