AFKPU One handed touchscreen keyboard

Utilizing the least motion in the most distinct ways and with every key located under each finger tips, this touchscreen keyboard could rival the speed and accuracy of mechanical keyboards.

10 thoughts on “AFKPU One handed touchscreen keyboard

  1. 以蔵岡田

    I have an idea for a very similar keyboard but I think it's much better than this, I've visited your Kickstarter and found it interesting, my koyboard is much better because it's designed for smartphones How to Contact you?

  2. N Lin

    People like you make the future.  This is amazing!  I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes common in tablets within a few decades!  

  3. Owl Phoenix

    If I had a lot of money, I'd invest on your project. Im sure that in a bit, every touch screen device will have your Afkpu. Cant wait 😉

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