Acer C720P Touchscreen Chromebook LCD Replacement Procedure

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Step by step instructions to replace a cracked LCD screen on a Acer C720P Touchscreen Chromebook.

12 thoughts on “Acer C720P Touchscreen Chromebook LCD Replacement Procedure

  1. AndreaW

    The video seems very useful, so thanks for that!
    But the link you list for ordering a screen specifically says: "This a 11.6" non-touchscreen version of the Acer C720, If your C720 laptop is touchscreen this part will not work." In other words, your link is NOT to the right screen for what you say you are fixing (ACER C720P Touchscreen Chromebook). Not the most helpful, and will cause problems if customers buy a screen via your link. I tried searching your site for "C720P" and it isn't listed. Do you no longer carry that LCD? Perhaps you should just remove the link, since it now leads to the wrong product for the job

  2. Melissa Lewis

    Use a heat gun or a heating pad to loosen up the glue!!! Doing it this way could break the touch screen and that is super hard to find a replacement!!!

  3. Ian Maier

    Is there any way to unplug the the touch screen part because I cracked the screen and it's clicking random stuff so I was trying to find a way to just unplug it. -thanks

  4. Heidi Griffin's

    Finally did it. Took me an hour….of stress….but its done. Beautifully. Worked just like you demonstrated.

  5. Miguel Chavez

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Is it possible to use the glossy screen from the C720p on the C720 (non touchscreen)?

  6. Forrest Matthews

    I shattered the touch screen on mine, is there and item to replace that? the screen under looks fine.

  7. VisitorG

    +Screen Surgeons Help please!

    The glass on my C720P was shattered, so I brought it to a repairman and he followed your instructions.
    Once he finished detaching the front, reaching where you are at 4:50, he tried to turn on the computer to see if everything was fine.
    It wasn't.

    When we plug the battery, we see the little blue color in the front, but except from that, no response whatever we do.

    1/ Is it normal, for any reason ( security or something like that ).
    2/ If it is not normal, what could have gone wrong?

    I'm kind of desperate.
    I need this computer and don't have the money to replace it right now.

    Thanks in advance.

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