7-inch touch screen fingerprint avi

Biopad 100, an innovative time clock integrated with features of easy operation, advanced identification algorithm, exquisite interface, and multimode communication. It is your reliable workforce management assistant. With super size 7 inches touch screen you can enjoy easy operation experience. It features the new generation biometric time management terminal with fast ZK identification algorithm and polished interface. Multimode communication, including Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi makes data transfer easy and reliable.

6 thoughts on “7-inch touch screen fingerprint avi

  1. Said Zalmai Jalili

    I have two device one is fingerprint access control & attendance Time Clock and another one is Biopad 100 ZKTeco i tried to be reset but couldn't if anyone helps me to be reset both of them 

  2. Said Zalmai Jalili

    Dear Friends,
    I reset Biopad 100 ZKTeco from device but couldn't remove password and fingerprint so i have tried so much since two days can someone helps me to remove the password and fingerprint from it i am looking forward to hear from you 

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