Month: June 2016

  • New App for Sharing Data Between Fitness Trackers of Different Brands

    I had an idea for a health tracking app that would read the data from any wearable fitness device, but I needed a mobile app development in Singapore to do the coding. I wanted to find a way to port different brands of wearable fitness trackers so that consumers cold share information and challenges with friends and family who have a device of a different brand. Grabbing the data from the devices was not hard. It was wrangling the legal aspects of how the data would be used. I first thought of the idea when our nephew had a different brand of fitness tracker than everyone else in the family. He bought his because it has GPS built in, but he did not know the rest of us would be getting the other popular brand.

    He could never share in our challenges because these devices only upload data to their own proprietary servers of the companies that made the devices. There is no cross-sharing of information between device makers. However, they all use Bluetooth to spread the data, so I thought it easy to make an app that would be able to share the fitness tracker info across multiple mobile devices. As I said, getting the data is not a problem. It is just being able to share it legally. There are a lot of words in the end user licensing agreements of the various fitness apps. I understand that. They want you, and your family and friends to all use just their service.

    It is still early in the game for the fitness trackers, so it is still just an industry taking baby steps into the consumer world of social media and fitness. I do not know how to get the companies to be more forthcoming with making it easy for their devices to share with other brands of fitness tracking data collection, but I do know a company that does mobile app development in Singapore that can help make it a reality once I get all of the legal hurdles worked out.

  • Keeping It Cool in the Heat

    A new AC installation in NYC has my home feeling like an igloo in the middle of winter. I don't want to leave my home because of the hot temperatures, but I have to in order to get to work and run errands. The thermostat has the temperature set at the right level, so when I enter the door, it's like walking into heaven. Whenever someone else visits my home, they always tell me that it feels too cold to them, but it feels perfect to me. I guess I've been in the cold so long that I've gotten used to it.

    While the cold feels good to me, my plants prefer to be outside in the sun. I started growing a tomato plant a few months ago and it's gotten pretty big. It's a determinant plant, so it will only grow up to a certain height. These kinds of plants are more convenient because you don't really have to worry about pruning them. The tomato has already started to bear fruit, and once they fully ripen, they'll be juicy and delicious. I hope I can keep the bugs from getting to them before they can ripen.

    I've been working hard to turn the extra space in my yard into a full garden. By the end of the year, I want to have a lot of vegetables and a few fruit trees planted. I plan to have enough so that I won't ever need to buy any from the store. Each weekend I go outside to do work early in the morning, and when the day is done, I'm beat. I shower off the dirt and relax under the cool air from the air conditioner. It will take a few more weeks to get the garden done, but it will be worth it.