Month: May 2016

  • I’m Glad I Didn’t Try to Handle Things Alone

    Not being very fond of insects, I have always done my best to try to keep them out of my house. Often, I capture them in a cup and release them outside. But anytime that I have had to deal with an ant infestation or anything like that, I have been known to break out a can of spray to make sure that things don't become a bigger problem for me later. So, when some new-to-me, winged bugs kept showing up, no matter what I did, I called an extermination company over to tell me what treatments were available to me to stop these annoying creatures in their tracks.

    The little bugs that I kept seeing seemed like some sort of bugs that would not really be a big deal. I stated out by simply capturing them in a glass like I did at any other time in the past. I would then release them outside. But I kept finding them. I found it interesting that, although they had wings, I never saw them flying in my home. I would simply find them walking across my wood floor or along my kitchen counter. When they kept showing up, I wondered if I had some sort of indoor infestation, and I looked all throughout my house, but found nothing.

    When the exterminator showed up, I was happy to point out that I had a very clean house and could not understand why I was having such trouble with insects. He pointed out in return that insects infect the cleanest of homes, and it was his job to help out. After I explained what I had been seeing, he decided to make a trip outside my home, which surprised me. Fifteen minutes later, he came back and told me that I had termites, and they were finding their way into my home through tiny cracks. It is good that I made sure that I called in a pro because I would have never known that the problem was outside in the wood on my home.