Month: April 2016

  • Making the Right Tennis Prediction

    My friends and I like to bet on sporting events, and I'm always the one who makes the least amount of money from it. I've tried switching up my strategy multiple times, but nothing worked. Even something like tennis, where you don't have to worry about team dynamics, I had a difficult time winning. In order to get better at making tennis prediction, I looked for tips on the Internet. I was thinking about the predictions all wrong. Instead of paying attention to how the tennis players behave, I needed to look more at their stats.

    Everything in the sports world boils down to stats. There are stats for how much a team scores, how likely they are to attempt certain plays, and even the chances of them getting injuries. Stat comparison takes the guess work out of sports and makes everything into an easy to understand mathematical comparison. I looked at the records of two tennis players that were about to have a match to see which one had the better win loss record. I also looked at the chances of them making any kind of comeback in the later rounds of the matches, and how well they perform in short and long sets.

    Once I gained the information I needed from using the tips, I placed a bet on a tennis match with my friends. My bet was different from what my friends were making, and they thought I was crazy for making the bet. They were confident that I would lose money again, but once the match was over, they were shocked to see that I won. I was so confident that I would win that I put a lot of money on the bet, and I made 4 times that amount back. The winnings erased all of the money I lost the entire year.

  • A Place for Pet Owners to Live

    There aren't a lot of apartments in my area that allow pets to live with their owners. I tried to keep a pet in my old apartment, and for a while I was able to pull it off. I kept the pet indoors so that no one would know I had it. Eventually, the pet got out one day, and the landlord found out. He was furious and terminated my contract. I left the apartment and moved into one of the luxury apartments in Denver. This apartment didn't mind if the residents had pets, and in fact they actually encouraged it.

    I thought that having a cat would have meant that people wouldn't know that I was harboring a pet, since the cat doesn't bark at all hours of the night, but the sounds of a cat can be loud enough for others to notice sometimes. In my new apartment, the rooms were built with better construction than the old one, so all of the sounds that my cat made couldn't be heard by the other residents. I could take the cat outside and no one would care, although getting the cat to go out like a dog was next to impossible. The cat just wanted to lay around and sleep most of the time.

    There are a lot of cat owners in the apartments. I thought there would be nothing but dog owners, but the other residents had the same ideas about cats as pets. They wanted a pet that wouldn't make a lot of noise and would be easy to take care of in a given space. There were a few kids that had some out of the ordinary pets, like frogs and hamsters. One kid had a hamster that rolled around in a ball like some kind of circus stuntman.

  • Refitting a Lot of Machinery

    I have been working for this guy who is in machinery sales lately. What he does is pretty simple in theory, but in reality it does not always work out the way that he plans for it to work out. He goes around to auctions involving factories that have shut down and he buys things that he thinks are a bargain. It is not always so simple and a lot of the time he has to do some work on the stuff. Right now I have been trying to fix up some powder filler machines for him, but in fact he did not seem to understand that the older machines are at a considerable disadvantage to the new ones. The big thing with this sort of stuff is automation. With the new stuff, they have the latest in computerization and you can adapt the machines to different jobs with very little effort. These older ones have machine language software, which is basically stuff that was invented thirty years ago. In fact you do not need much processing power to do the basic stuff that is required of these sorts of machines. You do need it if you want to have flexibility. That is something which is valuable. Of course the way to make money in manufacturing is to be more efficient than the other guy. It is a simple thing for you to say that, but you have to figure out the best way to accomplish it. You are really going to need to figure out how to get to the bottom line that is going to make you better able to outcompete the other guy. Using second hand machines is not usually going to be the best way to get there, because the savings will not carry through in the long run.