Month: February 2016

  • Finding Incentives for Changing Power Companies

    I like the option to be able to choose the power company that you get your electricity from. It is not all that prevalent across the country, but in Texas, it is the status quo. However, I moved into my parents' old house a few years ago, and I just continued to get electricity through the company they had always used. I want to exercise my power to choose and start to look for another power company. I am sure that I can probably find a better rate than the one that I am getting right now.

    Even if I am not able to find a better price than what I am currently paying for my electricity, it seems likely I should be able to find a company that will give me some sort of incentive to switch to their company, and away from my old company. Maybe I could get a deal like a free month of electricity when I switch companies.

    I am not sure if that is something that any of the companies out there are actually offering to new customers, but it does sound like something that they might try in order to lure customers over to them. At least, if I were in charge of a power company, and there were a lot of competition in the area, I would probably try to offer something like a free month of electricity to new users, or specifically when you switch away from a competing company. It would work a lot of the time in my estimation. I am not sure what other sort of incentives might be offered, but I guess I am going to find that out because I am currently on this website that will allow me to compare different electricity providers across the state.